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About Us

At KL Foods Inc., we know that food is a lot like business: the higher the quality of what you put into it, the higher the quality you’ll get out of it. That’s why our VEL bars are so delicious and wholesome - we settle for nothing less than the best. Our alternative snack options offer a tasty and filling range of bars packed with crunchy nuts, sweet dried fruit, savory seeds, and natural ingredients that give your body the energy it needs to succeed.

Every VEL bar we make is not only gluten-free and dairy-free, but also kosher and made with your health in mind. In fact, our bars are full of so much natural goodness, there simply isn’t any room for fillers, artificial flavorings, and difficult-to-pronounce chemicals.

We’re so happy you’ve decided to stop by, and we can’t wait for you to try VEL bars for yourself - whether it’s the first time, or you’re just trying out a new flavor. At our family-owned and operated company, we’ve been creating delicious food products for our fans since 1989 - and we’ve got no plans on slowing down now.

Welcome to the VEL bar family!

-The KL Foods Team